Our expert R&D and design team creates solutions by looking at each project from the same perspective as the customer.


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Amanos Aluminum Systems has set out to be the ’System House’’ which does ‘’Solution” oriented production and creates awareness in the sector.

With its young, dynamic and expert staff, Amanos aims to produce solutions that meet the growing and complex needs of our sector from a single point and in the right way. Our goal is to provide special solutions to the needs of its customers who are special. At Amanos we speak the same language and take the same breath with our customers as project supporters.

Amanos has accomplished many domestic and international projects and continues its growth with firm steps by strengthening its dealer network day by day.

Our logistics service maximizes customer satisfaction in order to define your supply demand goals correctly.


We aimed to capture and carry the spirit of time. By embracing the culture of innovation, we created innovative and creative opportunities and working environments.


Architectural projects are design-based and each project needs creative solutions. Our Project Manager ensures continuity at all stages of your project and is always available if a problem occurs.




Across the world, AMANOS System works with architects, engineers, interior designers and aluminium companies of every size, from growing private businesses to some of the largest international groups. By combining vast industry knowledge and considerable expertise in a variety of fields, Amanos Team provides invaluable commercial insight and technical ability. Our approach is always hands-on and collaborative.

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