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In addition to our planning processes, logistics is our process of storing and transmitting our products to our customers effectively and efficiently. This process also means the flow and transportation of the product from the warehouse to the consumer.
A successful logistics provides a competitive advantage against other organizations. It provides a special system or process to the needs of the consumer. Our logistics service is among the most important processes for AMANOS as we prioritize customer relations. Providing quality and meticulous service is one of our biggest goals. Our logistics service maximizes customer satisfaction in order to define your supply demand goals correctly. Monitoring, moving and delivering under the control of our necessary departments in our organizational charts will help ensure that AMANOS logistics plans are on track.

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We aimed to capture and carry the spirit of time. By embracing the culture of innovation, we created innovative and creative opportunities and working environments.

With our innovation power, we are implementing new ideas profitably.

The combination of creativity, developments in the market and new methods constitutes our innovation power. We have an ongoing innovation circle by developing the old one with a new one and a new one with a new one. Our AMANOS Business model helps us transform the values ​​we find in the context of a wide range of companies and markets into new business opportunities and market them with new additional components.

Creativity, the internal source of innovation, helps us address the challenges and focus on the challenges.

We produce innovative and innovative solutions to benefit society, which is one of the most important factors of creating innovation.

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The management of R&D activities is an important factor that ensures that innovation knowledge increases, a better technology capacity, and future growth in products and processes. It is the result of a systematic creative work resulting in new information that can be used for the emergence of new products and development of existing products as an R&D process. Our investments in R&D add new parts to our systems to produce new products, but link our business plans in the company strategy.
Our expert R&D and design team creates solutions by looking at each project from the same perspective as the customer. Amanos products are made from the highest quality materials and using the latest technologies.

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Apart from the quality of Amanos products, we always prioritize the most efficient and environmentally friendly methods, which are sensitive to the environment, human and nature, until the user after production. We prefer transportation methods that have the least impact on the environment wherever possible. The most important item in aluminum production is used aluminum. As a company producing aluminum systems, we supply aluminum windows and doors to thousands of companies worldwide. Aluminum offers strong and malleable application areas. Aluminum is highly sustainable, environmentally friendly and fully suitable for recycling.
75% of 1 billion tons of aluminum produced in the last 100 years is still in use today. Aluminum recyclable industrial materials are considered to be the most valuable.
With the flexibility of Aluminum, architects benefit the environment knowing that their structures will be solid and can be easily recycled when necessary.
For architectural solutions in your life for many years, Amanos…

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Aluminum coatings are surface coatings of metals that exhibit corrosion resistance. The process of producing this coating is called aluminization, a thermo-chemical process in which aluminum spreads over the surface of metals.
Aluminizing is more cost effective to pratite compared to processes with similar results of aluminum coating. It affects aluminum strength positively. Aluminum coating provides application diversity and oxidation resistance.
Aluminum coatings can be applied in a wide variety of fields. The most common is used in applications that need to withstand high temperatures, humidity and chemicals.

e6-project management

Strong project management is needed to avoid complexity in large architectural projects. In the past, while architects were only involved in the design process, in Amanos, architects have an active role in the accumulation of knowledge, post-construction demand planning and coordination of various stakeholders. Architectural projects are design-based and each project needs creative solutions. Our Project Manager ensures continuity at all stages of your project and is always available if a problem occurs.

Architect & Engineer working drawing document about project planning and progress of work schedule on the home building construction site , Drawing docement is make new for stock NOT COPYRIGHT

AMANOS SYSTEMS HAS BEEN GOING TO BE THE “SYSTEM HOUSE” THAT MAKES THE RIGHT SOLUTION AND CREATES AWARENESS IN THE SECTOR. AMANOS ARCHITECTURAL BUILDING SYSTEMS, with keeping up with the change and technology, has adopted the mission of presenting the robust and reliable structure of aluminum to the living spaces of its customers with technical and aesthetic designs. While offering high quality products to its national and international customers with economic solutions in a short period of time with its facade coating, door-window, sliding, folding door, office partition, solar control systems, it develops designs that provide practical manufacturing and assembly opportunities. With its young, dynamic and expert staff, with the developing technology, Amanos aims to provide solutions to changing needs from a single point and in the right way, and is always on the way to offering special solutions to its customers, to be project supporters by speaking the same language. Amanos Architectural Construction Systems has adopted the principle of operating and serving within the framework of a sustainable economy, knowing its responsibility to society and the environment, without harming the ecological balance, minimizing the use of natural resources and increasing energy efficiency. It values dynamism, innovation and creativity in all business processes and invests in research and development. In line with the opportunities provided by modern technology; Amanos, which has undertaken many major projects at home and abroad, is continuing on its way by strengthening its dealer network day by day, contributing to new investments and projects without compromising its quality with its tested aluminum systems that fulfill today’s consumer and architectural demands.

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Amanos System = SOLUTION
We have adopted the solution agreement as our main motto in our internal and external works. We apply the strong technical capacity and knowledge we have in our services and systems. By continuing our knowledge and technology investments without sacrificing customer satisfaction and quality, we continue to increase the sector’s needs every day and meet the expectations of customers for perfectionism.