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For Amanos system, security comes first. The size of material damage caused by theft is estimated to be up to 440m euros per year. The most preferred method of criminals is to enter your home through doors and windows. As Amanos system, we provide you with a sense of confidence in your own home. We aim to protect your home against thieves with the profiles and accessories we use against theft attempts. We aim to help you find the right protection for your home against theft and increase your security. Adhering to quality standards, we offer Amanos products and expertise to protect your property and your family. You can contact us to examine our locking systems according to your special needs.
You can examine our door and window systems which are equipped to meet your personal security and requirements in the products section.

c2-thermal insulation

Today, the importance of using the energy resources correctly and the efficient use of energy are increasing. Saving energy can be used in the Amanos System products. Our heat insulated products guarantee you a comfortable room climate regardless of the outside temperature and coldness.
It helps to maintain the temperature value in the home during the cold season. Thus, while preserving the heat provided by your heating or air conditioning units, you also contribute to the protection of the environment.
As a result, you will continue your comfortable life at home while your energy costs are decreasing. It provides reliable protection against rain and cold air currents. Building heat loss is caused by various sources, in these cases, the importance of energy saving in residential areas emerges. It stands out as the best insulation options in aluminum window systems. Amanos products, which provide insulation from all points with EPDM suppositories, prevent the import of external factors such as wind, noise and rain.
You can review our product section to examine our Thermal Insulated systems.


We gave life to metal.
When it comes to home design, aluminum is the symbolic material of architecture. It offers easy application for different looks and surfaces. Regardless of the shape and size of your doors, windows can be applied according to the most demanding features.
You have the opportunity to use your Amanos Aluminum doors and windows with the color options you want. Our aluminum doors and windows offer our valued users security, thermal insulation and unlimited application options.

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AMANOS SYSTEMS HAS BEEN GOING TO BE THE “SYSTEM HOUSE” THAT MAKES THE RIGHT SOLUTION AND CREATES AWARENESS IN THE SECTOR. AMANOS ARCHITECTURAL BUILDING SYSTEMS, with keeping up with the change and technology, has adopted the mission of presenting the robust and reliable structure of aluminum to the living spaces of its customers with technical and aesthetic designs. While offering high quality products to its national and international customers with economic solutions in a short period of time with its facade coating, door-window, sliding, folding door, office partition, solar control systems, it develops designs that provide practical manufacturing and assembly opportunities. With its young, dynamic and expert staff, with the developing technology, Amanos aims to provide solutions to changing needs from a single point and in the right way, and is always on the way to offering special solutions to its customers, to be project supporters by speaking the same language. Amanos Architectural Construction Systems has adopted the principle of operating and serving within the framework of a sustainable economy, knowing its responsibility to society and the environment, without harming the ecological balance, minimizing the use of natural resources and increasing energy efficiency. It values dynamism, innovation and creativity in all business processes and invests in research and development. In line with the opportunities provided by modern technology; Amanos, which has undertaken many major projects at home and abroad, is continuing on its way by strengthening its dealer network day by day, contributing to new investments and projects without compromising its quality with its tested aluminum systems that fulfill today’s consumer and architectural demands.

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