Amanos Aluminum Systems has set out to be the ’System House’’ which does ‘’Solution” oriented production and creates awareness in the sector.

With its young, dynamic and expert staff, Amanos aims to produce solutions that meet the growing and complex needs of our sector from a single point and in the right way. Our goal is to provide special solutions to the needs of its customers who are special. At Amanos we speak the same language and take the same breath with our customers as project supporters.

Amanos has accomplished many domestic and international projects and continues its growth with firm steps by strengthening its dealer network day by day.

Our Vision

To present aluminum building systems to People’s living spaces with technical solutions and aesthetic designs.

Our Mission

To be the most preferred system brand in our country and in the world with its innovative and functional aluminum construction systems.

Customer Satisfaction

Amanos adopts the principles of ‘’honesty and reliability’’ and is committed to know, understand and provide better quality service to its customers.

Amanos aims to be the project partner that offers the fastest, most economical and highest quality solution by developing itself in line with the needs of its customers with ‘’customer-oriented” mentality

As AMANOS BUILDING SYSTEMS, we are aware of our responsibility towards the society and the environment. We are sensitive to nature, We operate and serve with the principles of without harming the ecological balance, minimizing the use of natural resources and increasing energy efficiency. To this end, we aim to raise awareness and encourage our employees, suppliers and stakeholders.

Our Values


We are responsible to our customers, employees, all stakeholders and the society in which we live. We accept, correct and learn from our mistakes / failures.


We are keen on innovation. We express our innovative and creative ideas and opinions freely and proceed with effective processes for the implementation of new ideas.


We respect people, social and cultural values and the environment.


We respond to the needs of our customers with quality products and services, gain their loyalty and overcome competition.


We strive to continue the development and growth of our company and each other; we use our time, talents and all our resources effectively and efficiently.


We work with each other and with our customers on the basis of trust. We prefer to gain and maintain trust over losing money.

Team Spirit

We know that together we will be more powerful and effective. We support an open, communicative and cooperative culture and encourage the expression of all ideas.