A fence is not just a barrier or demarcation for property, but it performs many functions.  You might want to keep out the noise or you may want to keep your pets safely inside. All these purposes are served by putting up a fencing but it should look good, complement the overall appearance of the property and also add value to it. Amanos Aluminium fencing and louvres can improve the look of your home while also adding to its security and privacy.

Aluminium does not corrode, it is virtually maintenance free. Damaged portions can be easily repaired within a short time. Your amanos aluminium fencing suppliers can easily take care of the repairs and installation for you. Aluminium metal is extremely pliable, so it’s not difficult to turn it into different shapes. Need an intricately designed fence? An aluminium fence is a great option considering it is almost maintenance free.

What do you bring to your projects by using Amanos Aluminium Fence System?


Being very strong and secure, Amanos aluminum fences have various attractive designs your place’s exteriors. It doesn’t require maintainence.


Every person wants privacy in their home so that no one can see their activities. Amanos Aluminium Fence system surround the area helps to establish a privacy


Amanos Aluminium Fence provides security especially if you are living in a criminal area. You need to safe yourself and your family from any kind of harm. For this purpose, Fence is the best choice for protection.

Architectural Aesthetics

Amanos Aluminium Fence can enhance the beauty of your home. If a fence is installed professionally and carefully, it will definitely upgrade your property as well as a great investment.

Which system is right for me?

GFA 100 Fence System

The Amanos GFA 100 fence system is a long-lasting ,corrosion-resistant system to create an exclusive and beautiful border to add more value to your living space . You can create different modules on your garden fences, balconies and doors. Using components such as covers, fittings, fence beams, we offer a wide range of design and color options to create different modules. Refresh your living space with the elegance, beauty and durability of high-strength aluminum hedges.

Compatible Systems


Windows & Doors