Fixed Glass Roof System

Modern houses and apartments are making greater use of aluminium door window instead of the wooden frames or PVC. There are reasons why aluminium is preferred over the other materials. Aluminium is a very robust metal which makes it last for a longer time period and resistant to different weather conditions than either timber or PVC. The thermal efficiency of aluminium is also a major reason for using aluminium in door and window of modern housing establishments. Moreover, aluminium is also a scratch resistant option that proves to be very cost effective in the long run too. As Amanos system, in aluminum door window systems you can choose among the different typologies of aluminum door window, that are more suitable to your home requirements. We can make custom-made production for your home in various ral colors. Contact us for more information.

What do you bring to your projects by using Amanos Roof Systems?


You can examine our door and window systems which are equipped to meet your personal security and requirements in the products section.


We gave life to metal. When it comes to home design, aluminum is the symbolic material of architecture. It offers easy application for different looks and confort.

Thermal Insulation

Today, the importance of using the energy resources correctly and the efficient use of energy are increasing. Saving energy can be used in the Amanos System products. Our heat insulated products guarantee you a comfortable room climate regardless of the outside temperature and coldness.

Architectural Aesthetics

Amanos Architectural Construction Systems has adopted the principle of operating and serving within the framework of a sustainable economy, knowing its responsibility to society and the environment, without harming the ecological balance, minimizing the use of natural resources and increasing energy efficiency. It values dynamism, innovation and creativity in all business processes and invests in research and development.

Which system is right for me?

FRA 80 Roof System

It is designed to create modern comfort areas in restaurant, cafe, garden conservatory and terrace coating projects. The system is suitable for single glazing and double-glazing combinations. The carrier profiles in the system are made of aluminum. All profiles are cut at an angle of 90 degrees, providing ease of production and installation. System installation is made between 5 and 20 degrees. Special creek and carrier profiles are used. The system has special ducts for LED lighting.

SRA 150 Motorized Glass Roof System

SRA 150 glass ceiling system is a system that is running through a motor, which is collecting glass panels moving on rails in a fixed area. The system is produced from modular profiles with minimum cross-section, beam, wall fixing sections, groove and support column and integrated profiles. System components consist of high quality designed functional materials.

SRA 150 glass ceiling system can be built in unlimited length and in 550 cm depth. Panel widths can be made from minimum 100 cm to maximum 150 cm. It has a special profile structure suitable for LED lighting. The system is designed to create architectural solutions and bright environments suitable for hotels, restaurants, cafes, winter gardens.

WGA 73 Wintergarden System

Winter garden systems offer special solutions at high performance with horizontal and sloping roof solutions. Multiple glass (4 + 4, 5 + 5, 6 + 6 Laminated 20mm-30mm Insulating Glass)

Uses polycarbon. System profiles are cut 90° and are for manufacturing and installation. WGA 73 system profiles do not shed no application. Special creeks and side beams are applied. The carrier profiles of the system are made of aluminum. It provides a modern look to your projects in winter garden, restaurant, cafe and terrace closings.

Compatible Systems

Windows & Doors

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