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CWA 50 Curtain Wall System

CWA 50 façade system is a façade system with lidded, and semi-lidded (2s), Silicone, (4S) application alternatives. It offers economical and flexible solutions with high performance in sealing and thermal insulation, improving the living and working environment of the building.

CWA 50 façade system is Compatible with AMANOS architectural systems, and it offers endless solution possibilities to designers.

CWA 50 EP Curtain Wall System

It provides high performance sealing and heat insulation by providing condensate with single piece special cords used in the system with the same vertical and horizontal profiles. Cover and semi-cover applications can be easily made with CWA 50 EP system with glazing bead and (4s-4su) silicone grouting. Architectural demand difficulties are eliminated with insulated and normal opening leaf features. Different exterior coating forms provide different surface looks.

CWA 50 EP façade system provides high performance in open spaces with compatibility with Amanos architectural systems.

CWA 50 HV Curtain Wall System

The CWA 50 HV allows the opening leaf application, which opens inwards, without any difference in image when looked from the outside. The CWA 50 HV facade system has the advantage of easy cleaning, especially in residential projects. It has double opening feature with hinge system. It combines aesthetics and comfort with a heat insulated leaf profile and a hidden accessory set that provides 90 degree opening.

The system with CWA 50 HV cover is suitable for every detail with its 2S, 4S and 4S-U (silicone) options.

CWA 50 SG Curtain Wall System

Viewed from the building facade, it is a façade system that offers complete glass vision and simplicity. It is a frequently preferred system in architectural projects. In CWA 50 SG facade system, double glazing is fixed to the cassette profile with a special adhesive. Glass-like appearance is obtained with the cassette panels fixed on the carrier profiles.

The special accessory applied to the cassette panels allows you to open different sections as leaves. Vertical and horizontal profile designs with different thickness and depth are available to meet different static values.

CWA 50 ST Curtain Wall System

The CWA50 ST façade system is designed for glass façade system applications in case of steel need in large spans.

It provides safe and aesthetically valuable facade modules with 3 times higher static performance than aluminum in areas with impressive entrances such as hotel lobbies, shopping mall entrances. The tape between steel and aluminum prevents corrosion caused by the surface. It is suitable for stainless and galvanized steel applications.

Thanks to the special cord integrated into the system, the thermal insulation value has been increased.

CWA 50 TM Curtain Wall System

The perfect combination of comfort and appeal. The thermal insulated wood application meets important technical requirements that improve the living and working environment of the building by offering aesthetic solutions with CWA50 TM lidded, half-lidded (2s), silicone (4S), application alternatives.

It is a facade system specially designed for wooden bearing systems. In addition to its decorative features, the system adds additional value for thermal insulation to buildings. CWA50 TM represents its charm with the perfect combination of wood applications. It provides freedom in architecture with its compatibility with Amanos systems.


Amanos is capable of producing 2mm-6mm thickness, 1000 mm-1250 mm-1500 mm and 2000 mm wide aluminium composite panels. Notwithstanding these measurements, your diverse width solicitations can likewise be met. With its four aluminium composite panel line, one of which is A2 line, Amanos can find a solution for your requirements as soon as possible.

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