Which system is right for me?

FRA 80 Roof System

It is designed to create modern comfort areas in restaurant, cafe, garden conservatory and terrace coating projects. The system is suitable for single glazing and double-glazing combinations. The carrier profiles in the system are made of aluminum. All profiles are cut at an angle of 90 degrees, providing ease of production and installation. System installation is made between 5 and 20 degrees. Special creek and carrier profiles are used. The system has special ducts for LED lighting.

SA 65 Skylight System

SA 65 skylight system offers efficiency and reliability in skylight applications with a wide range of designs. SA 65 system is designed to be applied on steel. There are different inner cover options at different depths to cover different steel sizes. The mounting apparatus designed for the system has the ability to work independently of the steel structure and Aluminum, and offers the possibility of application with the highest performance of the steel with different expansions.

Thanks to this feature, water insulation is kept at the maximum level since the condensate structure is not spoiled. System-specific condensate duct provides high performance water discharge by draining condensate water. Thanks to its specially designed openable leaf, it is fully compatible with ventilation and fire control systems. The Eurogrove opening leaf system offers different accessories.

SRA 150 Motorized Glass Roof System

SRA 150 glass ceiling system is a system that is running through a motor, which is collecting glass panels moving on rails in a fixed area. The system is produced from modular profiles with minimum cross-section, beam, wall fixing sections, groove and support column and integrated profiles. System components consist of high quality designed functional materials.

SRA 150 glass ceiling system can be built in unlimited length and in 550 cm depth. Panel widths can be made from minimum 100 cm to maximum 150 cm. It has a special profile structure suitable for LED lighting. The system is designed to create architectural solutions and bright environments suitable for hotels, restaurants, cafes, winter gardens.

VRA 160 Veranda System

VRA 160 veranda system offers many options for an attractive design. The system is the most advanced product that provides solutions for outdoor protection and comfort. It is suitable for parking lot, terrace roof and shading applications. Polycarbonate and glass application can be made in VRA 160 system. It can be converted to shading or winter garden with compatible Amanos systems in line with changing demands and needs.

The system can carry itself without the need for any steel construction up to 3500 mm depending on the static calculations. The distance between the pillars offers 4 meters of openness.

WGA 73 Wintergarden System

Winter garden systems offer special solutions at high performance with horizontal and sloping roof solutions. Multiple glass (4 + 4, 5 + 5, 6 + 6 Laminated 20mm-30mm Insulating Glass)

Uses polycarbon. System profiles are cut 90° and are for manufacturing and installation. WGA 73 system profiles do not shed no application. Special creeks and side beams are applied. The carrier profiles of the system are made of aluminum. It provides a modern look to your projects in winter garden, restaurant, cafe and terrace closings.

Compatible Systems