GSA 130

  • GSA 130 vertical motorized sliding system is an ideal architectural solution to creat transparent and elegant spaces especially for the hotel, restaurant, bakery, coffee shop, winter garden, balcony applications.
  • The system’s glass panel vents can be opened and closed in a safe and fast manner running up and down in the vertical direction.
  • According to the need of the application area the different engine power options can be choosen.
  • It is designed according to 8 mm single glass and the combination of insulating glasses up to 24 mm.
  • The internal glasses applied in the system are laminated and the external glasses are fully tempered.
  • Optionally, the number of vents can be 2 or 3.
  • System application width: min. 1000 mm, max. 4000 mm.
  • System application height: min. 1500 mm, max. 4500 mm.
  • Vents can be operated with remote control or manually through a button.

GSA 130
Technical Details

  • It is the guillotine system which is connected with flat drive belt with steel wire.
  • The system is designed according to the combination of 10 mm single glass and 4+4+12+5 insulating glass. The glass applied in the system is full temperate.
  • 80N and 120N motors are used in the application.
  • System width is suitable for installation in a measuring range of min. 1000 mm max. 4000 mm.
  • System height is suitable for installation in a measuring range of min. 1500 mm max. 4500 mm.
  • For 3000 mm and above dimensions, glass flexibility should be taken into consideration.
  • Guillotine systems are mounted to operate from bottom to top.

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