SLA 60

  • SLA 60 sliding system offers unlimited design freedom for architects with it’s different rail options, use of corner link and manual mechanism features.
  • It is recomended for the warm climate conditions.
  • Attractive sliding system with panoramic design can be used in warm climate zones and indoors.
  • In the standard design, door vent carrying capacity is max. 150 kg.
  • A further, flyscreen application ensure a high level of comfort with its elegant design.

SLA 60
Technical Details

  • Frame Depth (min.- max. mm): 60,1-125,6
  • Clamping Point Front View (mm): 83
  • Profile Wall Thickness (min-max): 1,3-1,5
  • Heat Barrier Thickness (mm): No
  • Glass Thickness (min-max): 4-24
  • Maximum Vent Weight (max kg): 150
  • Sliding Vent
  • Double Vent Sliding
  • Three Vent Sliding
  • Four Vent Sliding
  • Six Vent Sliding
  • Fixed and Sliding Vent
  • Fly Screen Application
  • Window
  • Door
  • Balcony Glazing
  • Winter Garden
  • Flush Handle
  • Sliding Handle
  • Axial Handle
  • PVC Window Handle
  • Multi-point Locking
  • 2 Sliding Rail
  • 3 Sliding Rail
  • 45° Corner Frame Connection
  • 45° Corner Vent Connection
  • Allen Corner Connection
  • It is recommended to use in areas with hot climatic properties such as Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Different fly screen designs provide the convenience of use that the end consumer cannot find in the domestic market.
  • The options of the vent with glazing bead and without glazing bead are included in the system.
  • Special reinforcement profiles allow high vent applications.
  • With double rail and three rail profile design, it allows up to 6 moving vent applications.
  • Flush handle and standard window handle are alternative handle application options.
  • The SLA 60 system allows you to achieve a perfect result with only one Allen by collecting the corner combinations of the vents and frames by 45 degrees, with the result of the pressure applied to the top and bottom of the joint.
  • With its specially designed flapper frame profile, it prevents the use of extra profile and provides the user with great detail solution.

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