SSA 140

  • SSA 140 is a double-glazed sliding glass system.
  • It is designed to create architectural solutions and transparent transition areas suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • It is convenient to make and use.
  • You can apply original and innovative designs.
  • This makes the glass look more elegant, aesthetic and intense with thin, narrow profiles.
  • The system wings (right or left) can be collected at the desired location.
  • Thanks to its sliding wings, the integrity between indoor and outdoor spaces is guaranteed.

SSA 140
Technical Details

  • It is a glass sliding system designed with threshold.
  • Designed for 10 mm single glass combination.
  • The systems are applied as 3 vents and 5 vents as standard.
  • The vents can be collected in the left and right directions.
  • The vents work with special upper and lower rollers designed for the system.
  • The glasses applied in the system is full temperate.

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