Aluminium Curtain Wall Solutions

Aluminium curtain wall systems are considered as one of the necessary options in aluminium building industry. The most special factor in the emergence of this situation is the preference of aluminium as a volition to the use of other building materials. As Amanos Aluminium Systems, we have a wide aluminium curtain wall product portfolio to meet your prospects. Also, we don’t neglect to bring quality and high norms with our tests and certifications!

Aluminium curtain wall systems have been preferred as a better performance alternative to classical surface cladding systems to structures. This type of cladding  offers successful visually results aluminum curtain wall systems also succeed in meeting your prospects in a functional sense. The fact that it provides versatile advantages and offers options that suit your requirements also brings these results to the front.

Advantages of Aluminum Curtain Wall

Amanos Aluminium Systems offers alternatives that will enable the end user to take advantage while performing the production process of perfect aluminium curtain wall products. Curtain wall systems offers unlimited design freedom for architects with it’s different rail options, use of corner link and manual mechanism features.


  • Systems connected to the main structure doesn’t beget structural damage to the structure,
  • Being lighter compared to standard walls, it eliminates security enterprises,
  • It is durable to environmental effects like wind and moisture,
  • It’s most modern facade system as it provides an aesthetic appearance,
  • It provides a quality image from the outside as well as creates a spacious environment inside,
  • It provides profitability by reducing construction costs.
  • You can also concentrate on quality and performance thanks to aluminum curtain wall systems that allow you to use quality in every aspect.

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Amanos Aluminium Systems has a wide product portfolio. Aluminium Sliding Systems (Vertical Motorized Sliding Systems, Thermal Insulated Sliding Systems, Glass Sliding Systems), Aluminium Hinged Systems (Thermal Insulated and Non-Insulated Folding Door Systems, Thermal Insulated and Non-Insulated Door and Window Systems), Aluminium Roof Systems (Roof, Skylight, Veranda and Wintergarden Systems), Aluminium Facade Systems (Curtain Wall Systems, Aluminium Composite Panel Systems), Aluminium Interior Partition Systems and other systems such as Aluminium Fence and Handrail Systems are main production categories of Amanos Aluminium Systems. Please feel free to contact us by filling our contact form in our contact page. You can call us at +90 212 452 00 50 or send an e-mail to

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