Aluminium Facade System Turkey

One of the most used terms in the building and construction industry is aluminum facade system Turkey. Aluminium facade is the process of covering the exterior facades of high-rise buildings with a wall, which usually consists of glass. Since the beginning of the 2000s, aluminium facade systems have been one of the most preferred structures in the construction sector with the removal of the obligation of brick or reinforced concrete structures on the exterior.

While using this option, different materials can be preferred for aluminium facade systems. Therefore, we should mention on different options of the facade systems. Aluminum facade systems, silicone facades, ceramic facades, classic facades, and transparent facade systems are some of the types of cladding facades.

Why Choose Aluminum Facade System Turkey?

Aluminium facade systems used on the exterior surfaces of buildings is an option used to ensure efficiency. These systems have very crucial features and should be installed by professional teams. The advantages of damp structures, curtain walls, kinetic energy, protection from noise, protection from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, minimize the cost of repair and maintenance, aesthetic, lightweight, durable, environmentally friendly, and functional, water, contribute to energy saving by providing sound and heat insulation, are situations such as off errors in the structure.

Professional Aluminum Facade Services

Aluminum material, which is ductile and silvery in color, is usually found in nature in the form of bauxite ore.  This means that it is resistant to oxidation. Aluminum dressings, which are preferred to provide the best expected in the design of buildings, also offer a wide range of use due to their high durability and lightweight characteristics.

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Toxic, non-magnetic material, low density, easy to shape and process, high corrosion properties, such as properties such as the protective layer of oxide in aluminum due to the protective.

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