Glass Curtain Wall System

A glass curtain wall system in Turkey is defined as an application in which materials such as glass, stone, composite, or metal sheets are used for cladding on the exterior facades of buildings that do not have a bearing feature in contemporary architectures. Developed as a protective and preventive against external factors, cladding facades have become an indispensable element of branded office projects, prestigious structures, and non-standard designs. The reasons for choosing decking facades include covering up the shape errors of structures, and aesthetic design.

Glass Curtain Wall System

These systems are known for their light and thinness, fast application, easy maintenance, easy cleaning, aesthetics, ease of transportation, and dust and dirt transmission. The glass curtain wall system, which began to be used in the 1900s, has also become an important place in the architecture of the 20th century. Glass, which first began to be used in windows as a building material, was later used as a modern building material throughout the facade, and cladding has become the most preferred product of the facade.

Professional Glass Curtain Wall System

Many branded office projects and cladding facades are used in residential housing projects. The glass curtain wall system used in the huge buildings located in many major cities of the world has started to be used in parallel with the west in Turkey, which is ranked second in the world in the housing sector. Cladding facade, the application area of which is quite wide in Turkey, is preferred with both its cost and the advantages it provides.

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